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  Who we are?

The "Associació Amics de Vilars" was created by a group of people that love and respect what our ancestors let in our lands. The goals of our association are:
" Promote the dissemination of the archaeological ensemble of Vilars,
" Contribute to the archaeological, historic and architectural study of this Iberian settlement,
" Promote, if necessary, the restauration and adecuation of other monuments of Arbeca,
" Promote and organize different cultural activities that could be developed in our village, and also collaborate with other entities and groups that work with the same objectives.
The association is formed by a committee and all the members that work and participate actively in the initiatives and activities programmed during all year around the fortified village of Vilars.
The "Associació Amics de Vilars", the committee and its president is opened to all the people that love the history, the culture and the cultural heritage. People that love the earth, and appreciate what the civilizations before us let here.